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I went to Distant Worlds this week.

They came to Mexico for the first time, and a friend of mine helped me get a VIP ticket because I’m a huge Uematsu’s fan and my friend’s the best person in the world.

Three days before the concert I decided to make a White Mage cosplay (FF Tactics version), even though I can’t even cut fabric straight, and I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of the nicest cosplayers in the world. Dozens of people took pictures with us, and even though I was nervous at the beginning I eventually felt I was among friends. The organizers also got every cosplayer they could find front row seats, and I couldn’t believe my good luck, specially after having done the cosplay in such a hurry.

I got to listen to Liberi Fatali and a great selection of songs from FFVIII (my first and favorite FF), played by the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional, who rocked extremely hard. Every single song, from the Chocobo arrangement to One Winged Angel, sounded amazing, and people all around me were thrilled.

Then, in the meet and greet, I still had more fun talking to other fans and expecting to meet both Arnie and Nobuo. When it was finally my turn they were both super nice, smiling and making jokes, even though I’m sure they must have been really tired. Nobuo played with my chocobo and got the idea of signing its little book, and Arnie did the same.

I sometimes wonder if I invest too much of myself in videogames, and if I shouldn’t care as much about things like this. But after days like that one I get convinced that the gamer part of my life is something to which I owe many moments of absolute happiness, the meeting of really amazing people and the creation of wonderful memories. This is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.

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OH MY GOD \(*^*)/
I’m in love with Nobuo Uematsu!!



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